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North Carolina Chapter E-2, River City Wings

Welcome to our website.  Your interest and comments are welcomed as you browse the on goings of our Chapter.  Whether you're here to check an event, or maybe read our monthly newsletter, we're glad you stopped by.  You meet the nicest folks on a motorcycle.

The most important ingredient for a successful Association is the Member.  Where do we find them and how do we make these people interested enough to become one of us?  Before anyone can be successful in "selling" GWRRA, they must first sit for a moment and determine the reason they joined.  Each of us had our own reasons, but a primary reason to join is to support the ideals of GWRRA.  Let's take a closer look at these ideals:

Promote Safety - This will help us continue to enjoy our hobby.  We can also enjoy the fact that we are doing something to protect others by teaching them safe riding practices. 

Promote Friendship - Among ALL of the biking public.  What better way to enjoy our way of life than to make friends and share with them?

Promote Positive image - We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go.  We must always keep "our best foot forwards."

Promote Fun - This is the glue that holds all our ideals together!



Chapter Highlights

  • Chartered September, 2002, River City Wings, E2

  • 2006  Leading Contributing Chapter Ride for Kids

  • 2006 Turner's Honda, Highest Contributing Dealer

  • 2006 NC Chapter Educator of the Year

  • 2005 Chapter of the year for Region N